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I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember, starting out with a $10 film camera that had no need for batteries, and chewing through dozens of disposables during my high school years.  I never took it very seriously, it was mostly just documenting fun times with friends.

That was until I started hunting for a new digital camera a few years ago.  My supervisor takes his photography very seriously and had some things to say about my potential selections.  It was then a struggle between my budget and his discomfort with quality that eventually ended with me purchasing a Canon 600D.  This began a long saga of gear lust and me taking tens of thousands of photos of friends, landscapes, bugs, drunken students and whatever else happened to appear in front of my lens.

It wasn’t long before I began picking up odd jobs for clubs at uni or even local magazines which helped subsidize my rampant purchasing.  I’ve since upgraded most of my gear, moving up to a Canon 6D and even buying some studio lights.

I’ve wanted to set up a website to sell prints for a while now, but just recently (and suddenly) found the motivation to do so.  After a week of hacking together some html I’m fairly happy with the look of it.

You can find it over at  There you will find some shots that I consider worthy of showing you, as well as some examples of my professional work.

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