Outback Challenge Deliverable 2 Submitted

So there have been some sleepless nights recently as the deadline for the Outback Challenge second deliverable passed this afternoon.  I managed to get my report in by the skin of my teeth after some email troubles (still waiting on the confirmation from the organisers :S ).

Each team had to submit a technical report that details the design of their aircraft and their risk management strategies.  We also had to compile a video that demonstrates our on field setup procedure, takeoff and landing and how the aircraft handles carrying and dropping the payload.

I’ve compiled a playist of all the D2 videos I could find on YouTube.  Of the 53 teams that passed the first milestone I could only find 12.  Some teams may have been using private links, while others may not have used YouTube.  However I can feel the field shrinking.

My video is included in the playlist above, but if you’re only interested in that one, here it is:

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt

The competition certainly feels like it’s heating up!


UPDATE:  Just got the confirmation email that my submission was received (phew).

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