Video from the Paprika

Having recovered from its tragic accident last week the Paprika was once again ready to fly today.  I’m actually still waiting for some parts from the US, so I’ve put a new plastic Graupner prop on it, which is a bit squishier and doesn’t look nearly as slick as the carbon HK I’ve been using.  Otherwise it’s the same pitch and diameter.
I was also fairly adamant about getting video from onboard the aircraft.  The last failure was a dodgey switch so I’ve opened it up to fix it.  While I was there, I modded it a little so it can actually point along the fuselage.
So the camera finally worked and the result is what I would like to share with you now.  It starts a little bumpy while I’m working out the trim, but I eventually manage some low and speedy flybys.  I don’t wanna hear anything about my landing!  The flaps shed speed a lot faster than I was expecting and I decided that was safer than trying to pull out again.

PaprikaFlight-20101118 from Ben Coughlan on Vimeo.


The area in the video is the Belconnen Model Aero Club who have a nifty synthetic airstrip and a good paddock filled with tall, soft grass :) .

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  1. Veronika says:

    Glad you got the camera working, looks great!

  2. UAV drone says:

    This is really a awesome video. I enjoyed a lot.

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