Goodbye RepRap

So you know that RepRap I spent all my money & time building a few years back?  Well it’s been sitting in a cupboard doing nothing for a long while now so I have decided to put it up for adoption.

_MG_2843 I had finally managed to get the thing working and even spit out a few parts that resembled the CAD files I gave it.  However like most 3D print enthusiasts, I quickly realised my printers short comings.  The biggest was a lack of heated bed, which is required to print parts bigger than a 15ml shot-glass.  Without it, these parts will warp drastically during the print, usually resulting in a big mess.

Though I tried to build my own heated bed, it only half-solved the problem.  While the prints improved, the extruder was painfully slow and the parts still had a little too much warp to be successful.  It was while I was trying to improve the extruder that it overheated and destroyed itself.  At this point I put it away, opting for much easier, albeit more expensive prints from Shapeways.

My colleagues over at Make Hack Void have been building a few, notably newer printers among themselves, as any good hacker space should.  So I have decided to donate my printer to the space in the hope that someone is willing to resurrect it.

Farewell frustrating contraption, and God’s speed to whoever is brave enough to try and get you running again.


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