About Me

Ben Coughlan is a technology enthusiast and wannabe entrepreneur.

Having completed his bachelors in Software Engineering he is currently working on his PhD with the Australian National University.  When asked why he made the masochistic decision to return to university he replied with:

“I get paid to play with model planes all day. This is a boy-hood dream come true! :D

He spends his time looking into ways to improve the energy management onboard unmanned aerial vehicles.  The dream being to create an aircraft that can remain airborne indefinitely.  He likes to claim this has been the inspiration for similar, yet over-funded projects being announced by Boeing and Nasa.

“They just saw my poster and obviously approve of my brilliant ideas”

It is true that his spare time is taken up with similar pursuits, making it appear as though he has no life at all outside of uni.

Check out Ben’s interview in EEWeb’s Pulse online magazine.

Ben has experience working as a Software Engineer and IT professional and is currently available for short term, remote consulting services to help fund his expensive R&D habit.